Dealer gets slithery surprise when opening ATV crate

Publish Date: 
Sep 10, 2012

ORANGEBURG, S.C. – George Wells is telling his staff to open vehicle crates a little more carefully these days, after the staff found a rattlesnake accompanying a recent delivery.

Wells, owner of Honda Kawasaki of Orangeburg, said gunfire became necessary Sept. 4 once the reptilian intruder made an unexpected entrance.

“A rattlesnake came in a crated four-wheeler shipped from Honda in Jacksonville,” Wells told the Times and Democrat. “We shut down the whole store for about 10 minutes around lunch. We killed it with a shotgun, cutting it in half. I told my son to wait for it to get into the grass before he shot it. I didn’t want to be picking flying asphalt out of my body.”

The 5 ft. long snake was skinned and mounted as a shop trophy, including its nine rattles.

“Nothing else came from this, other than the fact we will look at every crate differently now,” Wells said.

Posted by Holly Wagner