Dealer LAB: Best January in four years

Publish Date: 
Mar 20, 2013
By Joe Delmont

DESTINATION POWERSPORTS charged out of the gates for 2013 with a record performance in January. It was the best first-month performance since Shenk and his partner took over the dealership four years ago.

For the month of January, the dealership earned $42,339, on revenues of $571,815 and a gross profit of $159,038.

That compares with earnings of $19,108 on revenues of $399,326 and a gross profit of $102,941 in January 2012. It’s a huge jump in performance.

By comparison, the dealership earned $21,019 in January 2011 and lost $8,857 in January 2010. Total revenues for January 2011 were $455,731; revenues for January 2010 were $278,063.

Here’s the bottom line improvement over the last four years for the month of January: net income improved 578 percent, gross profit increased 85.2 percent, and total revenues increased 105 percent.

What caused such a big improvement? It’s the people, says Bill Shenk. Where personnel problems derailed efforts in the past, he now reports that a savvier, more dynamic team is up and running. “Our processes have not changed since we put them in place.

Our marketing has not changed since I have been involved.

“What has changed is our people. We have moved from good to great managers,” he says. “We are doing good business —not great — but now have the ability to do great business.” (Continued)