Dealer struggles to be reimbursed for $200,000 in overpaid electric bills


A Nebraska dealer’s unusual situation may send owner/operators all over the country scurrying to check their electric power meters: Steve Budke found out the city of North Platte owes him $200,000 for overpaid electric bills on Budke Powersports.

But getting reimbursed isn’t as simple as it sounds.

The North Platte City Council debated his situation for nearly two hours last Tuesday without reaching a resolution. The panel will discuss the matter further at its second meeting of November, according to the Bulletin.

City administrator Jim Hawks told Budke in December that he’d been overcharged for the previous 10 years. Budke filed a claim against the city, and reportedly has met with an attorney.

At the meeting, Municipal Light and Water employee Cindy Huntsman told the council that one of Budke’s nine meters had been calculating at 10 times its normal kilowatt-hour rate. Huntsman admitted the meter had a prior history of billing at 10 times more than it should, but said the meter was repaired before Budke began using it.

City attorney Douglas Stack told the council that the city is only technically obligated to pay Budke $1,800 because he is only entitled to reimbursement for the 90 days prior to the date of a claim.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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