Dealers Show Interest in Product Locator

One-hundred fifty dealers have signed up for ADP Lightspeed's product locator since the company added the service to its LightspeedNXT software in mid-May. And more than 4,000 searches have occurred, the company claims. The majority of ADP Lightspeed's more than 3,000 dealers uses NXT software, so the potential number of participants is large.

The Parts and Major Unit Locator is a searchable database of products and vehicles (new and used) supplied by LightspeedNXT users. Dealers can search the inventory for free, but the ability to post inventory costs $20 per month. Inventory automatically uploads to the nationwide system nightly. Dealers can sign up for the service once they've installed Service Pack 3, the latest free update to the system.

The locator allows dealers to search for vehicles within just one software program. In the case of financed vehicles, after finding a vehicle, the dealer then leaves the program to go through the normal route of obtaining it.

Other benefits include fewer special orders and shorter delivery times. And the system is a way to get rid of old inventory.

"It certainly is working for us," Bob Todd, parts manager at Steve Seltzer Honda in Altoona, Pa., told ADP Lightspeed "We have dealers calling in and buying parts. We even got rid of some of our old parts. Because of the success we've had with it, I told a bunch of dealers we work with that they needed to load the locator, too."