Dealership employee donates kidney to long-ago coworker


A Scranton dealership employee has gone the extra mile to help an old friend and former dealership co-worker.

Twenty years ago, Ann Kutyna and Sandy Conant worked at Electric City Harley-Davidson in Dickson City. Kutyna changed jobs and the two drifted apart.

Last August, Conant, 49, found out her co-workers were organizing a fundraiser for a former employee who needed a kidney transplant. It was for Kutyna, 52.

Conant immediately called Kutyna and offered to donate one of her kidneys, according to the Times Leader.

“We both had a gut feeling this would work,” Kutyna, of Dupont, told the newspaper. At the time, she was getting dialysis three times a week.

Conant started the testing process in August. “I never had a second thought,” she says.

After three months of blood tests, CAT scans and more, they were declared compatible for the transplant, which took place Feb. 18. Kutyna can now eat and drink what she likes and no longer needs dialysis.

“If I had five more kidneys to donate, I’d do it in a heartbeat,” Conant says. Kutyna says thanks to Conant’s generosity, “I got my life back.”

Posted by Holly Wagner