DEI’s titanium pipe shield blocks heat with LR fiber technology

Publish Date: 
May 13, 2013

AVON LAKE, Ohio — DEI Cycle says that its titanium pipe shield is superior to the Mylar-backed glass shields currently on the market due to its use of LR fiber technology.

The titanium pipe shield offers up to 1350 degrees Fahrenheit of protection from hot exhausts, keeping the bike’s engine, hoses and other parts from damage.

The pipe shield is made of a two-ply proprietary material (the LR fiber technology) with riveted stand-offs, the company says, which provide an air gap to aid in cooling and heat dissipation. Its outer layer is made from pulverized lava rock, incorporated into the shield’s weave pattern and adding another element of durability. Inside, a high-temperature-resistant fabric made of 89 percent silica also helps with heat dissipation — and helps prevent rider injury from leg burns and melted boots.

The titanium pipe shield is available in three lengths: 6” x 1’ (Part. No. 010450), 6” x 2’ (Part No. 010451) and 6” x 3’ (Part No. 010452).