Demon's Cycle builds promotional bike for Rabbit Habbit aphrodisiac drink


Custom shop Demon's Cycle Inc. has built a replica of a custom 1957 panhead chopper with an S&S motor as part of a promotion for the Rabbit Habbit non-alcoholic “aphrodisiac” drink.

The motorcycle, an old-school, high-end panhead chopper, is now Rabbit Habbit's promotional motorcycle, sporting Rabbit Habbit's company logos and advertising. Rabbit Habbit showed the bike as part of a series of events over the past weekend in Miami, where the drink has become popular in the club scene.

“Since Demon's Cycle and Rabbit Habbit have a similar cool, young, hip clientele, this was a great opportunity for both companies to show their appreciation to all our customers.” said Thomas Steinbacher, owner of Demon’s Cycle. “It was real fun building the '57 panhead chopper, it was a classic bike and it was a pleasure to recreate it. ”

Posted by Holly Wagner

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