Demon's Cycle celebrates sale of 10,000th rolling chassis


Demon's Cycle Inc., a custom motorcycle company in Florida, says it’s sold its 10,000th rolling chassis.

Demon's Cycle started making custom rolling chassis 15 years ago. Starting with a high quality frame, a perfectly matched custom front end is added according to the frame’s stretch and rake. Then wheels are added.

Customers can order rolling chassis according to their needs and in varying stages of construction, ranging from basic rolling chassis to models tricked out with fenders, pre-wired handlebars (with controls and switches), 6-speed transmissions, chrome brakes, LED taillights (with tag brackets), gas and oil tanks, seats, headlights, tires and forward controls; add an engine, get it painted and the customer has a brand new, ready to ride, custom bike. Demon's also offers complete bike kits; just paint, add fluids and the bike is ready for the open road.

“A great custom bike starts with a great rolling chassis” says founder and head Demon Tom Steinbacher. “We take all the guesswork out for our customers, providing a great foundation for any project.”

Demon's Cycle is an international custom motorcycle wholesale company headquartered in South Florida. As well as building custom motorcycles and selling rolling chassis, the store specializes in custom parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Posted by Holly Wagner