Demos, displays and more dealers fueling KYMCO's U.S. growth

Publish Date: 
Jul 5, 2012
By Mike Vaughan

IF JAMES BROWN was the hardest working man in show business, another "South Carolinian,” KYMCO USA, has to be one of the hardest working companies in the powersports business. According to director of marketing Rick Pawelka, the manufacturer/distributor employs only 40, “from the guy who sweeps the floor to the CEO.” But the company is expanding as if it employed 400.

We rode a number of new KYMCO models during a June demo event for motojournalists. KYMCO has a wide range of scooter, ATV and UTV products, including 13 ATVs ranging from a kid’s 70cc model, through a 150cc unit for 14-year-olds, up to the just released 700cc MXU. MSRP ranges from $1,999 for the kids unit, to $7,999 for the top-of-the-line MXU500iLE (winch included); pricing for the new 700 (see photo, right) – which is more than 40 lbs. lighter than the 500 -- had not been released at presstime. There are four side-by-side models, each sporting KYMCO’s proven 498.5cc engine and four-wheel drive. MSRP on these models ranges from $8,799 on the low-end to $10,999 for the fully accessorized UXV500i IRS 4X4LE.

KYMCO’s scooter range is just as extensive, with 17 units available at 50, 125, 150, 200, 300 and 500cc. MSRPs start at $1,399 for the Agility 50 and top out at $6,799 for the highway crunching Xciting 500Ri with ABS.