Dion Device Privateer improves racetrack safety

Publish Date: 
Oct 11, 2013
By Bruce Steever

RICHMOND, Calif. - LeoVince USA continues to add new performance parts and upgrades to its catalog with the new Dion Device Privateer.

What is a Dion Device, you ask? Head over to www.diondevice.com, I’ll wait…but brace yourself, as racing can be a brutal affair.

Ouch. Brake lever crashes are some of the most violent events on a racetrack, and the Dion Device is a simple protection system designed to eliminate the risk of it ever happening again.

Crafted from 6061-T6 forged aluminum and carbon fiber, the hinged protector keeps incidental contact from actuating the brake lever but still folds out of the way during spills to prevent the guard from snagging during a crash.

Most importantly, the latest “Privateer” version of the Dion Device is both more affordable at $199 and offers a more universal fitment.