Dominion Powersports, NPA team up to expand information to dealers

Publish Date: 
Jun 20, 2014

NORFOLK, Va. – Dominion Powersports Solutions and National Powersport Auctions are teaming up to provide further access to powersports market information, particularly on pre-owned units.

The data gives dealers using Dominion Powersports’ Traffic Log Pro lead manager/CRM system real-time access to NPA’s Value Guide, an online database with more than a decade of powersports data that provides up-to-the-minute wholesale values on pre-owned powersports vehicles.

NPA’s partnership with Traffic Log Pro marks the first time the database will be available to dealers outside the nationwide auction provider. The feature, now available in Traffic Log Pro, comes at no additional expense to dealers.

For more information on the new pre-owned unit feature, contact Traffic Log Pro at

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