Dominion to unveil dealer management system in April

Publish Date: 
Feb 16, 2013
By Holly J. Wagner

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. -- Dominion Powersports Solutions is rolling out a new DMS that saves time for staff while at the same time giving a dealership a 360-degree view of information.

The new cloud-based DX1, to be released in its beta form April 2, pulls together most of a dealership’s automated functions in one platform. Think of it as a way for each employee to see the same piece of information from his or her own department’s perspective.

The system links multiple features like the DMS, inventory management, website management, the lead manager, CRM, social media tools and accounting, giving employees access to all the information they need with a single login, while letting management adjust settings to filter out what that department doesn’t need to see.

From there, everyone can see the information and where it is in the sales or service pipeline. Dealers can enter new inventory into the system and have it available for web customers to see right away. Real-time updating will remove an item from customer view when it’s soid.

Think of it like each department seeing the same piece of information through its own window. The dealer’s database is entered or updated once, but each department can easily find relevant information.

Another timesaving feature is when Internet leads come into the dealership: the customer-created information goes directly into the dealer’s system, removing the step of having employees do the entry.

New features will be automatically added with updates expected about every six weeks after rollout in the first year, said Gwyn Price, Dominion’s vice president, PowerSports.

Dealer feedback was key to developing the new platform, said ZiiOS founder and DX1 architect Curtis Conner, who also drew on his own dealership experience when designing DX1. The idea is to save time, make a business run more smoothly and help top management identify problems and staff development opportunities.

Although a dealer’s existing website, even a PSN site, will have to be migrated to the new platform to integrate with the other features, the new capabilities should more than outweigh the inconvenience of a one-time changeover, Price said.

Pricing for DX1 still hasn’t been set, but Price said it should be within easy reach for dealers.