Don’t mess with your marketing money

Publish Date: 
Jan 13, 2014
By Rod Stuckey


Once you have your calendar in place, you can begin to choose your preferred media. The options are overwhelming, and without proper thought you will inevitably fall into the advertising victim trap.

Step one is to calculate your marketing budget for each month. Then back out your fixed marketing expense such as website and any other commitments you’ve already made.  Now ask yourself, which media can I choose to drive traffic into the store that will accomplish the following:

  1. Increase the number of new prospects generated
  2. Boost the conversion rate of prospects to customers
  3. Improve the frequency of visits from regular customers
  4. Raise the average value of each customer

Effective media promotions require significant lead time.  Whether you choose direct mail, radio, TV, Google AdWords, email or even an open house event, begin discussion  and/or negotiations with media contacts at least six weeks in advance so you have adequate time for ad copy creation, marketing list data hygiene and other work.

Ad Copy matters. Regardless of what media you choose, what you say is crucial to the success of your marketing campaigns. Your message should be interesting, compelling and attractive. When possible, it should also include a ‘call to action’ with a deadline. Providing new prospects as well as previous customers with new information allows them to make new buying decisions. Creating effective ad copy shouldn’t be a rush job with an ad rep sitting in front of you

Next, who is your target audience? Remember: only 3 percent of households own a motorcycle. Marketing to the masses simply will not provide an adequate return on investment, in most cases. There is just too much waste.

Strategy gets you on the field but implementation pays the bills. Without an implementation and a promotions calendar, events checklist, and other written tools, your 2014 won’t be as successful as it could or should be.  Where else can you spend one to two hours per week working on that could increase your sales by as much as 25 percent or more --  in as little as 60 days?