Door conversions streamline the Concours 1400

Publish Date: 
Nov 1, 2012

HOLLISTER, Calif. - Corbin’s slim door conversions for 2008-2013 Kawasaki Concours models offer a sportier profile and less wind mass for the bike’s saddlebags.

Kawasaki Concours CorbinThe company says the conversions are perfect for solo sport touring riders who don’t mind losing a little storage capacity in exchange for the cleaner look and decreased drag.

Corbin performs the conversions in-house at its facility in Hollister after customers remove and ship them the stock doors. Once the modifications are complete, Corbin will color- match the paint and return the new doors to the customer.

The conversions retain the four-bar sculpting one sees on the stock Kawi doors. They operate the same as the originals using the integrated key-lock. Capacity is reduced on each side by about eight liters. Overall width is reduced to 33 in., from the stock 39 in. width.

In this photo, the converted doors are paired with the optional Corbin’s Smuggler trunk.

Posted by Dennis Johnson