DP Brake Pads Gets A New Look

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When it comes to sales and merchandising, it's what's on the outside that counts. DP Brakes' brake pads recently underwent a facelift to make its packaging more useful to dealers and consumers alike.

The new packaging has been steadily hitting shelves since spring, and the rollout should be complete by press time. A muted, grayish-black packaging with bright colors has replaced the old, dated color scheme. "The old packaging was very busy," says Larry Mills, president of DP Brakes and Clutches. "The new package is more of an even color tone."

Though its colors are a bit on the plain side, Mills says, it makes brake pads are more visible. Instead of the colors of the packaging being front and center, the new focal point are the pads themselves. "The pads actually stand out better," Mills says.

Another helpful feature that dealers and customers will appreciate are the bar codes and parts numbers, now located on the front of the package. Since both DP and Parts Unlimited's parts numbers are prominently displayed, it's easier for everyone to find what they're looking for in an efficient way.

Parts of the new package are also color-coded, so those looking to pick up a DP brake pad can easily tell the difference between street and off-road. "It's more upscale looking and not as busy [as the old package]," Mills says. — Cynthia Furey