Drag offers chopper T-bars, battery, dipstick cover

Publish Date: 
Dec 21, 2012

JANESVILLE, Wis. - Drag Specialties unveils its latest bundle of offerings for the V-twin market, items that range from batteries to gas caps.

First up is the Big Buffalo chopper t-bars, which the distributor says are its biggest, fattest bars around. They’re reportedly easy to install and can help increase rider comfort.
Intended for models from 1996 to present, the bars come in chrome or a gloss black finish, with a 10 in., 12 in., or 14 in. rise. They come predrilled and have dimpled holes, and the large, open radius bends are said to provide for easy wire routing. An optional gauge mount is also available.

For high-performance Harley-Davidsons that require a lot of juice, Drag offers its AGM maintenance-free batteries. The units feature radial-grid technology and specially absorbed glass-mat material, that is said to eliminate water loss and make it possible to permanently seal the batter after the acid is added.

Each battery includes a quick-disconnect harness designed for Drag Specialties battery chargers, and have modern, flush-mounted terminal adapters.

Who wants a boring dipstick? Drag Specialties offers one way to add a bit of flash to a bike with its new dipstick covers. Made from billet aluminum, they feature machined sides for grip. Available in chrome and remachined gloss black finishes. Designed a straight replacements for dipsticks for 2007 to 2011 dresser models.

And lastly, there are the Drag Specialties skull gas caps. These pieces come in chrome and black that feature a contrasting screen skull. Available in vented, unvented and dummy styles — the latter replaces the fuel gauge on the left side of the tank. For late 1996 to 2013 models.

Posted by Dennis Johnson