DragonFire HighBack seats offer OEM adjustability

Publish Date: 
Apr 20, 2014
By Bruce Steever

CHANDLER, Ariz. – Expanding on last year’s introduction of its XL seats for larger riders, DragonFire has additional RZR XP1000 ergonomic options in the form of its new fully-adjustable HighBack seats.

Available in both original GT and the larger XL-series profiles, DragonFire’s HighBack seats upgrade the factory XP 1000 seats without compromising the OEM slider/adjustment capabilities, the company said.

According to DragonFire, the HighBack GT and XL seats improve the function of the factory adjustment mechanism by keeping the adjustment lever tucked up out of the way compared to the stock location, the company noted.

In addition to retaining the adjustability of the stock seat, DragonFire said it further refined the XL version by shaving the bolster and back area to accommodate larger wasitlines without compromising on the secure feeling once strapped in. Finally, the HighBack’s lowered profile also adds a bit of extra legroom for taller riders, with a deeper bucket design that seats the rider in the seat, rather than on it.

HighBack seats bolt directly to the OEM base plate, making installation easy, and feature trail-ready features such as multi-point harness slots, vents to allow water and sand passage, and heavy-duty, made-in-the-USA stitching. The HighBack GT retails for $499.99 each, while the XL variant sells for $439.99.