DragonFire rocks new RockSolid line for RZRs

Publish Date: 
Feb 21, 2013

MESA, Ariz. - The crew at DragonFire have launched into a new segment with is RockSolid product line, a host of components designed to make the Polaris RZR more trail capable.

“We have lit a fire under our designers and fabricators,” joked DragonFire’s national sales manager Brice Ginn. “Our ‘engineered performance’ mandate has resulted in superior functionality and enhanced performance for every single RockSolid component.”

The line includes everything from DragonFire’s proprietary ProSpec shocks by Elka to its newly released LED dome light kits. There are also the RZR cage cover brackets, a winch-capable front bumper, a RZR hood saver kit, and Jr. Navigator bars.

For more information on the RockSolid line, check out www.dragonfireracing.com or check out this video teaser over at www.motorcycle-usa.com for some highlights.

Posted by Dennis Johnson