DragonFire unleashes steering wheel, passenger bar for Polaris RZR

Publish Date: 
Mar 5, 2013

MESA, Ariz. - Passenger and driver alike can stay firmly planted in their Polaris RZR with the new navigator bars and updated quick-release steering wheel from DragonFire.

“We have been pioneering quick-release steering wheels for a few years now, but we have made yet another breakthrough with our shallow wheel,” said DragonFire marketing man Chris Moore. “Our round suede steering wheel has been really popular with racers and recreationists alike, but the offset was a little too aggressive for taller drivers.”

DragonFire addressed this issue by offering the same steering wheel featuring all the benefits, but with a 2 in. shallower offset. The new design reportedly makes for more cabin space and provides a better driving position for tall pilots.

The new navigator bars (see image) are built for those riding shotgun who want to stay firmly planted. The company said the bars are inspired by motocross industry and are made to firmly lock in place so that they have a more solid feel than stock. The bars feature a crossbar pad and ProGrip grips.

DragonFire also has Junior navigator bars for backseat passengers in Polaris’ four-seater version.

Posted by Dennis Johnson. Press image courtesy DragonFire.