Ducati Multistrada D-air ready for Dainese airbag technology

Publish Date: 
Apr 3, 2014

MOLVENA, Italy – Dainese has partnered with Ducati to introduce the first D-air airbag system that is fully integrated with a motorcycle. The Ducati Multistrada D-air comes standard with a system for wireless communication with D-air Street Ducati and Dainese jackets.

Dainese’s D-air system features a built-in airbag that is designed to protect the rider from the initial impact in a crash, with a total bag deployment time of just 45 milliseconds. A control unit mounted on the bike includes accelerometer sensors on the forks and frame, which can detect an impact. The unit then sends a wireless signal to the rider’s D-air gear to deploy the airbag.

Last year, Dainese worked with BMW to produce the OEM’s DoubleR RaceAir racing suit, which utilized the same airbag technology. Dainese also sells the D-air Street system as an aftermarket add-on for motorcycles.

Media image courtesy of Dainese.