Ducati Opens Physics Lab for Students


Ducati is offering high school students in Italy the opportunity to spend a day studying in a specially built physics lab at the factory. It's a program that could bolster the relationship between powersports vehicle suppliers and the communities in which they are based.

Fisica in Moto (physics on motorcycles) is an interactive didactic physics laboratory created through the collaboration of the Fondazione Ducati (Ducati Foundation) together, the Liceo Malpighi (Malpighi high school) in Bologna and university lecturers.

Ducati says the purpose of the laboratory is to build a bridge between schools and businesses through the experience of science and technology museums. Specifically designed and custom-built interactive machines are to be used inside the laboratory to demonstrate the principles of physics that students learn at school, as well as physics' relationship with a Ducati MotoGP bike.

Fisica in Moto is designed to complement and support classroom education, making physics principles and concepts more familiar and easier to understand. The laboratory includes three rooms and uses entertaining, interactive equipment at 15 workstations to stimulate interest and curiosity in the formulas that students normally see printed on the pages of textbooks.

Physics teachers at all high schools can reserve the laboratory free of charge from Monday through Friday. When teachers make their reservations, they will be sent the specifically prepared educational material so that they can prepare their students for the visit.

Ducati yanked the Investor Relations section from its website and replaced the section with a new section devoted to Fisica in Motor. The move comes five months after the OEM went private via the merger by absorption of Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. into Performance Motorcycles S.p.A.

Learn more about Fisica in Moto at http://www.ducati.com/fondazione_ducati/fisica_en.html