Ducati Sells 2010 Apparel Online Via Shopatron

Publish Date: 
Dec 8, 2009

Ducati is now selling 2010 apparel and accessories over its website. All sales will go through U.S. and Canadian franchised Ducati dealers via a service called Shopatron.

Here’s how it works: Consumers shop at the corporate site, but at checkout their orders are redirected to the website of Shopatron Inc., a company that specializes in allowing manufacturers to sell online without cutting out their retailers. Orders go to the closest dealer signed up with Shopatron to offer shipping.

Shopatron also offers the ability for customers to opt for in-store pickup, though Ducati hasn't signed up for the function yet. If it does, customers will be able to inquire whether there’s a nearby Ducati dealer offering in-store pickup.

Shopatron charges a fee with each order (the fee was about 3 percent this time last year). When there are shipping costs, they are applied to the order and charged to the customer. Shopatron then reimburses the dealer for the amount of the order, minus its fee. All Ducati dealers can contact Shopatron to sign up as a product source. They can choose to offer in-store pickup, shipping or both.

Ducati is the latest motorcycle manufacturer to sign up with Shopatron. Suzuki did so early this year. BRP and Big Dog Motorcycles also use the service.

Shopatron claims that more than 30 aftermarket powersports manufacturers and more than 700 brands in general work with it.

Highlights of the 2010 Ducati collection include the debut of Ducati Corse’s new logo apparel, the vintage ’80s line that combines a sporting feel with a retro look, and the Ducati Legend distressed apparel celebrating Ducati’s history.

Ducati also has unveiled an online bike configurator allowing users to design any model. Users can experiment with color, accessories and options and then save their profile.

Posted by Arlo Redwine