Ducati unveils prototype of Scrambler for 2015 model year

Publish Date: 
Jun 9, 2014

BORGO PANIGALE, Italy - Ducati gave its Bologna factory employees a surprise treat as they arrived for work on June 9, with a private viewing of the prototype Scrambler intended for launch in 2015.

From the Ducati announcement: "Ducati’s decision to announce the arrival of the new model to its employees first, underlines the appreciation it has of its workforce, regarding it as the beating heart of the company. With them, project personnel are creating an entire world around the Scrambler with, as their impromptu beach suggested, a lifestyle of fun, creativity and free expression.

"While the new Scrambler is created from the same core values that contributed to an important period of the company’s history during the 60s and 70s, it seems set to reinterpret the original model in an entirely up-to-date way. Confirmation of the Scrambler will undoubtedly delight the thousands of fans who have been dreaming of such a project for many years.

"Non-conformist, accessible and essential, the new Ducati Scrambler is said to represent the perfect combination of the traditional and contemporary, while returning to the pure essence of motorcycling -- two wheels, wide handlebars, a simple engine and a lot of fun."

The OEM revealed that the Scrambler will "finally break cover" in the fall and be available in early 2015 worldwide.

"Those hungry for more information and who wish to follow the fascinating journey through the development of the project can do so on the dedicated website http://www.scramblerducati.com or gather content via the #scramblerducati hashtag," the OEM said.