Ducati Updates Operations in North America

Publish Date: 
Jul 30, 2009

Ducati North America is combining its sales and marketing functions into one group by consolidating two of its sales territories and reducing its staff by six employees.

The newly combined sales and marketing group will be led by Jason Chinnock, who has been named sales and marketing director. Chinnock was previously sales director for the U.S. The company's former marketing director, Jim Viola, has been laid off.

As for sales territories, the Mid Atlantic region will be absorbed into the North East and South East regions. The consolidation means Aaron Barry, regional business manager for the Mid-Atlantic, has been laid off. Other regional business managers affected by the shift are Jason Routhier of the North East, Shawn Sundheim of the South East, Tyler Dollard of the Mid West and Jeff Brooks of the South Central.

"The entire east coast is currently being redistributed between regional business managers, as in some cases they were covering dealers 1,000-plus miles away," Ducati Public Relations Coordinator John Paul Canton tells Dealernews. "We are now realigning all of the eastern territories so that dealers are within closer reach of their DNA contacts."

Additionally, the OEM plans to lay off two employees in the business development department — Lynee Sauer and Tim McNeely, although McNeely's position of business development manager will be filled at the earliest opportunity.

Ducati North America says two other internal administration positions — the Ducati Performance Logistics Coordinator and the Ducati Performance Purchasing Administrator — also will be eliminated.

—Submitted by Guido Ebert