Ducati's Lock Talks Electric

Ducati North America CEO Michael Lock serves as a specialist in distribution and marketing on the advisory board of Barefoot Motors, the California-based producer of a forthcoming electric ATV called the Model One.

Lock recently talked with Dealernews to explain why he decided to become involved with Barefoot Motors.

"There are a number of reasons for my involvement," he says. "One, I got along very well with Melissa (Melissa Brandao, Barefoot COO). She has a lot of ideas that are similar to mine. Second, I think there is a very real market for electric vehicles if they are done right, and I was impressed by the fact that it's not all fluff. They actually have some technology and dedication and put together a business plan that seems sensible. Third, I'm interested personally in understanding a bit more about the technology and about the market — with regards to thinking about the future from our point of view here at Ducati, as well.

"The internal combustion engine has been around for 100 years but it may not be around for another 100 years, and we would not be doing our company any favors by not turning a few stones over and attempting to understand what?s going on on this cutting edge.

"A final point about Barefoot is that they are situated in central California and surrounded by a tremendous amount of agriculture and semi-industrial installations. The State of California is leading the world on these issues, and so this is the place to be to take advantage of not only the technology but also the lobbying power in Sacramento."