Dux Signals add safety, functionality to UTVs

Publish Date: 
Aug 25, 2013
By Bruce Steever

MONROEVILLE, Ind. - ATVs and UTVs are vehicles that get a lot of use, thanks to their combination of approachable utility and fun, easy to use characteristics. And since many states allow the machines to use public roads, drivers are even more likely to take their four-wheelers wherever they may be heading.

That combination of frequent use and public areas prompted Neil Ternet to create Dux Signal Kits for ATVs and UTVs.

Dux kits are compact but still highly visible turn signal and four-way-flasher kits that add important visibility and function, especially for UTVs. While many owners would consider adding an accessory like this for pure functionality, Ternet really stresses the safety benefits that come from incorporating automotive-style lighting.

“About four years ago, I decided to put turn signals and a horn on my ATV since I do a lot of road riding,” explained Ternet. “I could use hand signals, but real turn signals are much better, especially on the larger UTVs. Many states, counties, and towns allow street use and some people are buying UTVs for that reason. Farmers and snowplow [drivers] are using the large UTVs like the Polaris Ranger more and more.

"Traffic accidents can hurt the motorsports industry, and turn signals are a big step towards reducing the chances of that happening," Ternet continued. "

When I designed these kits, I had the home installer in mind, so I made them very easy to install with minimum skills needed," he said. "I concentrated on the Polaris RZRs and Rangers since they are the big sellers. Those kits are plug and play, with the wiring harness made specifically to fit each model."

The plug-and-play kits are advantageous for dealers, he noted, because it generally keeps the installation time under two hours. "All lights are LEDs and the horn is a common motorcycle horn," he added. (continued)