Dynamic PG&A displays fuel increased sales, says Jennifer Robison

Publish Date: 
Feb 16, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. – Having great products and accessories in your dealership is important, but no less important is how it is all displayed. In her seminar.

“Visually Improve Your ROI,” Tucker Rocky National Retail Merchandising Specialist Jennifer Robison discussed key strategies for displaying merchandise to maximize sales.

“Making money is an art and takes a strategy,” said Robison. Her seven-point strategy for effective sales displays includes preplanning, research, diversification, seasonal rotation, branding, staying ahead of the curve, and keeping the customers a top priority.

When it comes to store design and how merchandise is displayed, it’s important to understand your retail identity. From there, dealers should compile a list of the five retailers they love the most and study the elements that make those places so attractive, whether it’s the way merchandise is displayed, lighting, or even something as simple as lack of clutter, she said.

Showing customers new options on a regular basis is where creative endcap design comes in, and those displays should be changed on at least a monthly basis. Robison suggests partnering with vendors to create dynamic displays utilizing signage and other available tools.

That signage, Robison said, can be a key element in conveying information to a customer, even if it contains something unrelated but similar, such as an upcoming dealer-sponsored track day next to a display of leathers. Relating events to product can have an impact on sales, as can relating certain products with a lifestyle. Robison suggested culling a dealership’s photo archives for interesting lifestyle-oriented displays and corresponding merchandise.

“Ordinary materials and things hanging around the shop can make amazing props,” Robison said, adding that inserting bikes into merchandise displays can bolster sales. “It’s a top-secret way to get men into the apparel department, even when they don’t need something.”

Those increased sales, Robison said, are aided by differentiating a dealership through attractive parts and accessories presentations, as well as by staying relevant to the customers.