E-ATV maker Stealth Manufacturing launches upgraded website

Publish Date: 
Aug 31, 2012


ATLANTA, Ga. – Electric and hybrid ATV OEM Stealth Manufacturing, LLC launched a redesigned website at http://www.StealthSideBySide.com Aug. 30.

Stealth’s new website sports a wilderness design featuring the look of tough terrain ahead. It introduces the visitors to who they are, what they do and where they play. Endorsements by leading outdoor television shows echo the fact that professionals in the field are operating Stealth UTV's in every environment. It reveals highly anticipated new vehicle announcements and national financing programs.

The website provides visitors with efficient access to each vehicle’s specifications. This allows the user to download a profile of each model in flyer form. Information such as: power source, drivetrain & suspension, standard equipment, optional equipment, dimensions, and special features are arranged for easy comparison. The new format represents the UTV products, services and practices associated with the Stealth brand and all its resources.

Posted by Holly Wagner