EagleRider 'connects the dots' for the recreational rider

Publish Date: 
Jan 15, 2014
By Holly J. Wagner

Customer requests

EagleRider’s service menu was developed in 2013 as a response to customer requests. The supercenters, along with additional stores in San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale and other large metro areas, offer limited service on customer bikes and are comparable to a lube-and-tune or tire center than a full service shop, McIntyre said.

EagleRider offers eight basic service points for privately owned bikes. Factory maintenance is performed by nearby dealerships. “We work hand in hand with dealers because we buy a huge amount of bikes. We keep them to OEM specs,” McIntyre said. “EagleRider is not in the business of doing dynos and major engine service work. We want [consumers] to go to the dealers. This [effort] is for minor safety service.

“Does EagleRider want to become a quintessential OEM-style dealership? No,” McIntyre said. However, he acknowledges that often EagleRider’s service prices can be about 30 percent lower than those from nearby dealerships.

Customer requests also prompted EagleRider to offer concierge-style service that allows customers to rent motorcycles while the store performs maintenance on their own bikes. For loyal customers, EagleRider will drop off the rental and pick up the customer’s bike to do the work. It’s not a broadly advertised extra, but a perk marketed via email to existing rental customers.

The Orlando and Los Angeles EagleRider supercenters also sell retired fleet bikes direct to consumers as well as through the EagleRider Dealer Exchange (ERDX). Here, customers who aren’t afraid of a higher odometer reading can get a deal on a fleet-maintained, late-model factory stock bike.

“The customers come here and buy bikes with 25,000 miles. They can buy a warranty for about $400. They save about $5,000 on a bike,” McIntyre said.

Dealers haven’t been as quick to flock to ERDX as expected since the program launched in February 2013, likely because auctions offer financing and other flexible benefits, McIntyre surmised. “I thought dealers would be coming in from all over because our prices are so much better,” he said. “If you want 20 black 2013 Electra Glides, there’s really only a couple of places you can go: to the auction or to EagleRider.”