EagleRider opens rental shop in Carmel, California

Publish Date: 
Oct 25, 2013

CARMEL, Calif. – EagleRider has opened a new rental shop on the southern tip of the Monterey Peninsula in Carmel, Calif., about 120 miles south of San Francisco. 

"Being one of the most scenic areas in North America, we've already gotten some amazing feedback from early customers." said Kevin Kosick, owner and manager of EagleRider Carmel. "This is a key destination for many traveling motorcyclists riding in California, so opening up an EagleRider location was a perfect fit."

Carmel by the Sea on the Monterey Peninsula was thought to be a prime location because of its beauty and ranking in the top 10 world coastline scenery between Big Sur and Carmel. The Highway 1 ride in and around Carmel is constantly reviewed and ranked as one of the most beautiful motorcycle rides in North America.

Beyond the beautiful rides, Carmel provides boutique motels, spas, restaurants, and wine tasting in the Carmel Valley that riders can enjoy. Carmel also serves as a starting point inland to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe for a California motorcycle tour. The shop is 45-minute shuttle from San Jose airport or 10 minutes from Monterey Airport.

Posted by Holly Wagner