EagleRider to sell motorcycle rental units to dealers

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Feb 28, 2012

While business is up at EagleRider in Los Angeles, NuWire Investor reports the company is also selling some of its used motorcycles to dealers.

EagleRider president Chris McIntyre said the company has progressed from renting just four bike models in the early 1990s to 4,000 bike offerings in 110 locations across the U.S. and 14 corporate locations in Europe.

"What's happening in the rest of the world is happening in America. Gas is exploding in price," he said. "But our biggest growth and revenues are U.S.-based."

"We have tons of people coming that not only rent our bikes, but then ask to buy them because it's a great economical way to commute,” he says. ”[Consumers] still want to be in something cool, but they love the idea of getting 50 miles to the gallon and not being in a Toyota Prius," he said.

EagleRider has started to sell its bikes back to dealers to help fill demand for used motorcycles. While rentals account for 90 percent of EagleRider's revenue, sell-backs are helping. "We're in the very industry that was decimated [in 2008] by the economy," McIntyre said.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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