Easy motorcycle loading with Kendon Ride-Up Single trailer with SRL tech


from a press release

Kendon Industries introduces the Ride-Up Single Trailer with SRL technology, a new solo-bike trailer that's billed as an easy loading solution for everything from sportbikes to touring bikes.

The new Ride-Up Single trailer incorporates Kendon's Suspension Reactive Loading tech, which eliminates the apex created by a traditional ramp angle and the bed of the trailer when loading and unloading.

The independent torsion suspension on the Kendon trailer works with the loading ramp to eliminate the apex and creates a smooth parallel surface for loading and unloading. This means that there is a much lower angle when loading/unloading a bike and virtually no point to hit the frame of the bike. The suspension compresses and lowers the bed of the trailer while loading a motorcycle and raises it back up to towing height after the bike is fully loaded onto the trailer.

The features and benefits of the new Ride-Up trailer include:

  • Single person ride-up loading
  • The 2-degree lower rear section provides a lower ramp angle that allows for easier loading
  • Lock down three-piece loading ramp featuring integrated footboards
  • Expanded metal ramp surface improves traction and increases loading stability
  • Ramp sections are lightweight and small enough to store in the trunk of a compact car or bolted into place on the trailer itself
  • Full 1,000-lb. capacity
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Lightweight, can easily be stood up for vertical storage

In addition to the new Ride-Up Single motorcycle trailer with SRL, Kendon's popular standard single rail trailer will remain in the product line. Kendon is offering a retrofit kit to upgrade its older single rail motorcycle trailers to the Ride-Up Single SRL technology.

The Ride-Up Single SRL is available now from Kendon dealers nationwide for $2,599.95 and is distributed by Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice and Custom Chrome. More information about any of the Kendon's trailers or lifts can be found at www.kendonusa.com or by calling 714-630-7144.

posted by Dennis Johnson

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