eBay Motors Website Gets An Upgrade


Online auction site eBay has unveiled a new look to its eBay Motors site, promising both easier navigation and better functionality for both buyers and sellers.

"By redesigning the site we've integrated a lot of different tools into the site," says Steve Haas, senior manager of eBay's "For Sale By Owner" and "Enthusiast" sections. "A lot of the tools we had available are better integrated and easier to find. We wanted to give consumers what they were asking for."

The result of the years-long project is a cleaner design: Menu tabs at the top of the site's main page make use of drop-down menus to display specific categories, making it easier for consumers to search. Searches are generated quickly, listing all vehicles or items that fit within a chosen category. In the past, a consumer had to navigate back to the eBay home page to start a new search. "Now it's much easier to find motorcycles and powersports directly [from eBay Motors]," Hass says.

Other helpful consumer-targeted features include a Buyer's Checklist, an interactive tool that helps potential buyers through the purchasing process, and a "Research" link that is displayed next to the item's title if information is available. After clicking on the link, consumers are taken to a page with information about the item, including prices for similar items, a link to a complete list of the same items for sale, and, if available, member reviews of the item.

The upgrades are aimed mostly at consumers, but based on eBay's statistics, dealers and sellers may want to give the new site a spin. According to Nielsen NetRatings, eBay Motors receives 13 million unique visitors per month, with an average user spending about an hour a day browsing the site. On the U.S. site alone, a vehicle sells every 60 seconds, and an item from the "Parts and Accessories" category sells every second.

"We hope with the redesign that it gets even better," Haas says.

After clicking "Sell" in the top right corner of the page, sellers are taken to an area with tips and how-tos on getting the most out of their listings. A special section titled "Dealer Center" provides news, tutorials and selling tips on communicating with bidders and establishing a good reputation. You also have an option to list an item as a dealer or individual. This way, if a consumer decides he wants to purchase strictly from a dealer, your listings will pop up in the search.

Seven-day listing fees for powersports vehicles are $30. A transaction fee of $40 is charged once the sale is completed. Listing upgrades are offered at additional fees. Parts-and-accessories insertion and transaction fees vary with the price of the item. If you're listing powersports items under 50cc, eBay charges a $3 listing fee and a $3 transaction fee.

For more information, visit eBay at Dealer Expo, Booth 7632. You can also call 866-MOTORS4 or visit www.motors.ebay.com.