EDI Automotive offers prototype T300 three-wheeler


One of the priciest pieces of equipment at Dealer Expo this year is the $50,000 EDI T300 three-wheel electric vehicle developed by a Chinese company. It’s classified as a motorcycle but looks like a low-slung automobile. You can see it at the JM Star Powersports booth (5369); JM Star is the U.S. representative for Shanghai-based EDI Automotive Technology.

Promotional literature says the T300 has a top speed of 125 mph, and claims that it jumps from zero to 60 mph in less than eight seconds. It’s about 13 feet long and 80 inches wide. It’s 49 inches high and has a wheelbase of 110 inches with a ground clearance of 3.9 inches.

The vehicle being shown here is a prototype, and production isn’t expected to start until late this year. Top annual production will be less than 1,000 vehicles, according to Jie Yang, general manager of EDI. “It’s going to be basically a low volume, handmade product,” Yang said.

Yang and JMStar representative John Zie have modest goals for their first appearance at Dealer Expo: Pick up feed back from dealers on how they can improve the T300 and make it more suitable for their target market in the U.S. “We want to learn what kind of design meets the needs of the market,” Yang said. “We want dealer comments and suggestions; we want to know about taste and style.”

The target audience for the T300 is the consumer with lots of money who enjoys collecting unusual products. Its key competition is the T-Rex motorcycle that sells for about the same price. “But we have the (electric) power train of the future,” Yang said.

Yang and Zie don’t have any dealers and are not really looking to sign up dealers at the show. “We’re looking for very special dealers,” Yang noted, “and we are being very cautious about our selections.” The ideal dealer for the T300 is one who successfully promotes high-end luxury products, “very powerful motorcycle or car dealers who have access to the high end market.”

– Joe Delmont