Education by day, party by night

Publish Date: 
Jun 16, 2014
By Tracy Harris

IF YOU’VE BEEN reading our Dealer Expo updates, you’re aware a number of high-profile educators are presenting at this year’s event.

The Retail Owners Institute will provide innovative training on financial management, Dealership University is bringing in a three-part retail marketing program, and Mark Rodgers will lead the sales track with an exclusive, half-day sales workshop. Now, let’s put it all together.

These workshops are part of this year’s all new DX National Retail Conference presented by Dealernews. It’s a high-level education and training program with exclusive, customized and in-depth content developed to hone your competitive edge. The Conference will be held Thursday, Dec. 4, before the exhibit hall opens on Friday.

This full day of cutting-edge education is designed to advance the management, sales, marketing and technical aspects of your business. All sessions are focused on core business needs, so you leave with the tools and information you need to take your business to the next level. Better dealers drive more revenue through more effective marketing, increased sales, tighter management and improved technical and mechanical services. What’s good for you is also good for the future of the powersports industry. What’s not to like?

Even better: The Conference is 100 percent FREE with your Dealer Expo registration (which is also FREE for powersports retailers).

Now is the time to start thinking about the workshops and presentations you and your team want to attend. And the “learning” won’t stop on Thursday. When Dealer Expo opens on Friday, an additional suite of educational offerings are ready for you, right on the show floor.

Friday through Sunday, information will come to you in smaller, ‘bite-size’ packets as you walk the show floor, meeting with exhibitors and reviewing their products.

  • Visit tomorrow’s store at the DX Dealership: Like no other you’ve seen before, the model retail outlet will be developed by merchandising and design students with a keen interest in powersports. Learn now what appeals to your next generation of customers.
  • Mel Selway of P.A.R.T.S.* is pulling out all the stops to build out a complete DX Store Room as an extension of the DX Dealership. Learn how to organize your stock into the most minimal footprint, as well as when and how to move obsolete inventory.
  • Hash it out with retailers from around the country at the Lunch ‘n Learn discussions.
  • More than 100 Brand Forum product demonstrations from our exhibitors will show you what’s new, how to order it, how to market it and how to sell it for the best margin.

There’s a lot going on, so I’ve summarized our preliminary program in a table.

Whether you’re a franchised dealership or independent service shop, a large dealer group or a two-man operation, a retail veteran or brand new to the business, a GM or a service writer, you’ll leave Dealer Expo 2014 better educated, highly networked and much more energized than ever.

Next is the FUN! - but I’m out of room. So check back next month for the lowdown on not just one but FOUR big evening events that will rev you up, introduce you to some new people, and let you have the fun you deserve.

Are you ready?

Tracy Harris is senior vice president of Advanstar Powersports Group, parent of Dealernews. Email her at

Article appears in the July issue of Dealernews.