Educational vintage garage turns to Kickstarter for funds

Publish Date: 
May 16, 2014

BUSHWICK, N.Y. – It’s not always easy to find someone to work on vintage bikes. Chris Rinken wants to help.

Rinken, 31, started an educational garage, Wrench N’ Ride, where he offers classes with flexible schedules, at prices ranging from $60 for a group intro class to $150 for a personal tutorial.

He’s raised $1,287 on Kickstarter so far to keep classes affordable and hope to reach his $7,000 fundraising target by the end of June. 

Wrench N' Ride is intended to be more about education and community than making money. Most of the work is done in the open, which catches the eye of passers-by, since Rinken only fixes motorcycles made before 1981.

As a child in Wisconsin, Rinken rode and fixed bikes with his father, who worked much of his life as a mechanic. When he moved to New York in 2009 to attend law school, he noticed there were a lot of discarded bikes around the city. After graduating he turned to fixing, maintaining and selling them to help pay his bills.

"It's sad," he told DNAinfo. "These bikes deserve to be on the road."

From the Dealernews wires. Posted by Holly Wagner