EICMA 2007 Crawls With Quadricycles

Publish Date: 
Nov 19, 2007
By Guido Ebert

MILAN, ITALY - Quadricycles, or road-legal quads, are a growing business in Europe. "Homolugated" with turn signals, side mirrors and an EU-approved exhaust system, these "on-road all-terrain vehicles" are increasingly being used not only as farm implements but also as inner-city commuter vehicles.

In fact, Polaris, one of the most prolific ATV manufacturers in the world, now markets its ATVs in Europe as quadricycles.

However, Europeans are seeing problems with their current crop of road-legal quads. You see, ATVs weren't designed for street use, no matter how many lights or horns or mirrors you apply. With knobby tires, soft suspension and a high center of gravity, they?re actually rather dangerous for such endeavors.

So, that drawback in design has beckoned a new renaissance in European four-wheeler styling — the slammed and stretched quadricycle, offering the riding pleasure of a motorcycle, the stability of four wheels and the handling characteristics of a road-going vehicle.

Check out some of the models recently shown at EICMA in Milan:

You'll remember the Polaris Revolver, a concept first shown in 2005 (small photo). Well, it seems Polaris may have drastically changed directions in the design of the unit with the release of the Revolver Reloaded Concept.