EICMA 2007: Moto Guzzi Finds Its Wings

Publish Date: 
Nov 19, 2007
By Guido Ebert

MILAN, ITALY - Piaggio CEO Robert Colaninno says the Piaggio Group's plan for North America includes expanding consumer awareness of the Moto Guzzi brand while further building the operation to provide increased customer services. Specifically, the goal is to continue to improve after sales and service and boost market penetration through the introduction of new product.

Another main focus for the Piaggio Group is to reposition its multiple brands to each have their own brand identity. Thus Moto Guzzi plans to expand its range of products to feature, as Colaninno put it, "unique design and historic brand values."

Moto Guzzi unveiled the following new products at EICMA 2007 in Milan.

Moto Guzzi says the Stelvio completes the range renovation program that has helped the brand reshape its entire product lineup in a little over 24 months.

Intended to serve as Italy's answer to the multi-purpose maxi-enduro — like the big BMW GS, KTM Adventure and Triumph Tiger — the Stelvio is powered by Moto Guzzi's newly designed 1200cc "Quattrovalvole" engine.

Tuned to be docile yet powerful at low and medium revs, the 98hp twin-cylinder powerplant is housed in a slender tubular frame further supported by a 50mm upside-down fork and single-sided swingarm. Power is transferred via CA.R.C. (reactive shaft drive) final drive.

Offering the basic comforts expected of a long-range adventure tourer, the Stelvio comes standard with sidebags, has a windscreen and saddle that can be adjusted, and features a small storage compartment positioned between the screen and tank that can be unlocked from the handlebars. (Continued)