EICMA 2007: OEMs Reveal New Product to World Press

Publish Date: 
Nov 6, 2007
By Guido Ebert

However, arguably the highlight of the day was Ducati's introduction of three new bikes: the 848, 1098R and completely redesigned Monster 696.

Ducati says the 848 was designed as a lower-priced option to the 1098. The OEM says it intends for the 134hp bike to go up against Japanese 600s. Outfitted with a 1200cc engine, the 1098R boasts 180hp and weighs 2.5 kg less than the base 1098. Finally, the Monster 696 updates the model first introduced in 1992. Ducati says it redesigned every part of the bike. The 696 puts out 80hp and weighs only 161 kg. dry.