EICMA 2010: Piaggio Group Americas announces nine new models


Piaggio Group Americas has announced nine new models, including motorcycles and both two- and three-wheeled scooters. Revealed at EICMA, the models will ship to dealers over the course of 2011.

“As is customary, models revealed at EICMA traditionally materialize in the U.S. six to 12 months later,” Piaggio noted in a press release. “As models ship, new model information will be available on the brand-specific website.”

Joining Piaggio’s three-wheel family is the Piaggio MP3 City, which its maker says brings “all of the advantages of the MP3 to a compact 278cc scooter with light, agile and maneuverable lines. The MP3 City (introduced at EICMA as the Yourban but to be renamed the MP3 City in the U.S.) is ideal for urban commuters as it zips in and out traffic while delivering unparalleled stability, road grip and parking ease.”

On the two-wheel side, longer-distance riders will appreciate the expanded under-seat cargo capacity of the Piaggio BV 300.

The MP3 City and the BV 300 will be arriving in the U.S. at the end of 2011.

Making an appearance after a four-year hiatus will be the Piaggio Typhoon. The Typhoon will be back in the summer of 2011 with updated styling and a four-stroke 125cc engine.

Aprilia offers four new models to its lineup of motorcycles. Derived from the bike that won the 2010 World Superbike Championship Triple Crown (Manufacturer’s Title, Team Title and Rider Title with race pilot Max Biaggi), the RSV4, the RSV4 Factory Special Edition (SE) comes with with the exclusive Aprilia Performance Ride Control package (APRC), which offers superbike race technology.

Aprilia also applied its knowledge gained on the track to the Dorsoduro 1200, a twin-cylinder motard.

Both the RSV4 Factory SE APRC and Dorsoduro 1200 will be in dealerships in the spring of 2011.

Aprilia also designed a bike that novice riders could enjoy — the RS4 125. It’s the successor of the RS 125, the bike that dominated the 125cc sports class for years and, according to Piaggio, remains the most highly sought-after machine among riders competing in the Sport Production Category. The Aprilia RS4 125 introduces the all-new four-stroke powerplant to the sports segment, while adopting styling and technical solutions inherited from the RSV4.

The Tuono V4R was also shown at EICMA and, along with the RS4 125, is planned for arrival in the U.S. at the end of 2011.

Moto Guzzi introduces the revamped Stelvio NTX. Based on the Stelvio 1200 — which acquired its name from the famous Alpine pass that connects Italy’s Valtelline Valley to the Vinschgau Valley — the Stelvio NTX reaches a record range thanks to a new 32-liter fuel tank. The Stelvio NTX’s aerodynamically designed fairing is backed by Moto Guzzi’s V-shaped 90-degree transverse twin-cylinder engine. The model will be available in dealerships at the end of 2011.

Additionally, Moto Guzzi unveiled the Norge GT8V, which features the latest variation of the Quattro valvole engine. New design elements include revised suspension settings, a new one-piece fairing, new Moto Guzzi customized side panniers and a new saddle shape. The Norge GT8V will be available in the U.S. in the first half of 2011.

Posted by Arlo Redwine