EICMA 2010: Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, personally yours


As the newest addition to its Diablo lineup, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II is a radial tire aimed at supersport and naked bikes.

With most of the motorcycling world's press members in Milan for the EICMA show, Pirelli used the event to unveil the Rosso II in a ceremony at the Villa San Carlo Borromeo, a lush mansion-based hotel and conference center.

Pirelli says the new tire has a larger contact patch than the Rosso and has an updated tread pattern for improved stability in wet conditions. The bi-compound rear tire has a central compound that extends into the initial lean angle for higher mileage and better grip, and a softer shoulder compound that gives greater adherence at high lean angles.

One interesting featuring of the tire is the Personalized Sidewall Label that allows the owner to personalize his or her tire by using small rubber labels. The rider goes to www.pirelli.com to order and personalize the labels, and then, using a special glue, can attach the labels to a dedicated space (see image) on the tire's sidewall.

posted by Dennis Johnson