EICMA China Coming in 2010

Publish Date: 
Nov 11, 2009

EICMA Officials Wednesday announced the creation of EICMA China, a joint venture between EICMA and China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle e Genertec International Advertising and Exhibition Ltd that will take place in Canton in April 2010. "This agreement is very important because it represents the arrival of the biggest bike show in the world to the biggest bike market in the world: China," EICMA president Guidalberto Guidi announced in a press release. "Despite the economic crisis the numbers are clear: The Chinese market still consists of between 25 and 26 million pieces sold per year."

"For the growing motorbike market in China, being able to work with EICMA is invaluable. It'll create a great chance to create contacts and exchange experience," said Chang Bingnan of the China Chamber of Commerce.

The joint venture is supported by both the Italian and Chinese governments who are working ever closer with the motorbike sector to intensify relationships between producers and component manufacturers from the two countries. The joint venture was presented by Song Huiquin and Italian vice-minister Roberto Castelli who is creating numerous cooperation agreements.

"China represents a major slice of the future of the global economy and its importance can't be ignored. At the same time Italy has excellent skills in the motorbike sector, both in technology and human resources. These can provide precious help to the Chinese sector," Castelli said.

Posted by Dennis Johnson