EICMA organizers plan BikeAsia 2008

Publish Date: 
Nov 19, 2007
By Guido Ebert

"What could possibly be the reason behind this limited choice?" Fabbri asks. "A simple answer could have been the low-income level for some Asian countries. But a casual walk down the streets of any major Asian city now reveals that Asians have as strong as — and at times even stronger demand for — luxury, comfort and excellence than Europeans or Americans. So, what exactly is missing? What's missing is a medium that brings to Asia what the best manufacturers in the world have to offer. And this is where BikeAsia 2008 will come into the picture.

"For the first time, Asian importers and dealers will have the opportunity to see the latest models from leading manufacturers from Europe, USA and Japan, to meet them in person, and to strike business deals without going through the hassles of VISA application, long distance travels and unnecessary boarding and lodging charges. On the other hand, the world's leading manufacturers of bicycles, motorcycles, apparels and accessories will have the opportunity to exhibit their latest models and to meet dealers from all over Asia at a single venue and in a specifically designed event. They will be able to forge new relationships, enhance existing ones and familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the Asian markets."

Visit bikeasia.orgfor more information for exhibitors and visitors.