EICMA: Vmoto Europe and Saturna Green Systems debut wireless connected e-scooter


Vancouver, Canada-based Saturna Green Systems Inc., a vehicle wireless technology developer and GPS location-based services provider, has introduced what it’s calling the world's first intelligent, connected electric scooter.

Saturna and development partner Vmoto Europe are demonstrating the new technology at EICMA Milan on a Vmoto E-max 120L-D delivery scooter.

Saturna says its factory-installed wireless technology platform resolves the so-called "range and charging anxiety" that continues to hinder widespread electric vehicle adoption, and provides two-wheeled vehicle OEMs and their customers with numerous features and benefits found only in larger vehicles.

Saturna's wireless communications and computing platform comprises four parts:

    1. Vehicle Digital Dashboard — the most visible part of the platform features a rugged, high luminescence, seven-inch, colour touchscreen, designed for safe and efficient rider interaction;
    2. Vehicle Onboard Processor — with Android(TM)-based OS, 3G network connectivity, and optional Bluetooth(TM) and Wi-Fi(TM) for use with smartphones and a variety of mobile devices;
    3. Vehicle Monitoring and Controlling Hardware — that integrates fully with battery systems, motor controllers and other peripherals; and 4. Saturna's Management System — the industry's first end-to-end, web-based, GPS location-based services system specifically designed for two-wheeled electric vehicles.

The Digital Dashboard provides vital information to the e-scooter or e-motorcycle rider. This begins with full instrumentation on the go, with at-a-glance power use and range/charging information that effectively addresses range and charging anxiety. Once stopped, riders can access detailed power management information, as well as real-time mapping, navigation, messaging, social networking, and a variety of consumer and commercial applications.

All of the information available on the Digital Dashboard, and more, also can be accessed on any Web-enabled device. So away from the vehicle, a rider can instantly see their vehicle's power reserves, plan a route, or chat with other scooter riders a block away, or across the country. The system's features also can protect scooter and motorcycle owners against theft.

Saturna's customizable and scalable technology platform is aimed at two-wheeled OEMs and their consumer and commercial customers, and is available at three product feature levels. Assembly-line-ready product is scheduled for mid-2012 and Saturna says talks are underway with several OEMs.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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