Electric Moto Corp. pleased with product progress


Electric Moto Corp. has begun factory testing on its G2 EMAX Dual Sport Motorcycle.

The announcement follows additional factory and road testing on its G1 EMAX DS Motorcycle, with increasingly positive results set in runtimes, battery charge, handling and acceleration.

"We continue to make steady progress, not just in our motorcycle division, but with watercraft and ATVs,” Board chairman Robert Lancellotti says. “The ecological disaster in the Gulf makes it clear that the work that we are doing, and the products that we are producing will be in increasing demand."

EMOT is a technology and lifestyle company dedicated to the development, production and distribution of zero emission vehicles and related products. The 72 Volt Dual Sport electric motorcycle leads the charge of EMOT's "green" vehicles including an electric bicycle, ATV and personal watercraft.

Posted by Holly Wagner