Electric Moto explains patented cooling system

Publish Date: 
Feb 6, 2013

CONGERS, N.Y. - Electric Moto Corp. released details today of the patented electrical vehicle cooling system it recently acquired.

In a January announcement, Electric Moto released the news that it had acquired a unique system for heat dissipation in electric vehicle operation. Today they explained how it works.

"Reducing heat is especially important in the efficiency and longevity of electric vehicles, as improper heat dissipation robs power from electric motors,” said Brian Belton, director of research and development for Electric Moto. “But the dilemma for designers of electric vehicles is that traditional methods of reducing heat added weight, wind resistance and the complexity of multiple systems -- all of which reduced vehicle performance as well. We believe that we have mitigated all those problems with one simple system: use the empty space in the frame as coolant storage, use the frame itself as heat dissipator, and employ the motor as a conveyor of the coolant.

"No added weight, no added surface area, no additional moving parts -- this is straightforward, extremely effective, and a major enhancement to the performance and durability of electric vehicles."

Posted by Holly Wagner