Electric motorcycle manufacturer gets 'Made in USA' award

Publish Date: 
Jul 5, 2012

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Electric vehicle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles of Santa Cruz, Calif., has been named to the Made In The U.S.A. Hall of Fame by the foundation of the same name. The foundation promotes U.S.-based manufacturing and assembly here and overseas.

Zero joins Harley-Davidson in being the only motorcycle manufacturers named to the foundation’s Hall of Fame. Other companies joining Zero in the Class of 2012 include MasterLock, Google, Facebook and Chrysler.

“Zero is dedicated to not only creating the best electric motorcycles on the market, but to also supporting our local community by providing good-paying manufacturing jobs,” said Scot Harden, vice president of global marketing. “Our bikes are 100 percent designed, engineered and assembled in the United States by hard-working Americans at our Santa Cruz facility.”

Nominees to the Hall of Fame were evaluated based on their contribution to job creation in the United States, and to labor, environmental and other standards, according to the foundation. Judging was based on quality, competitiveness and technological or design impact.

Unfortunately, the honor doesn’t play in Zero’s home state of California, which currently requires 100 percent of a product to be made in the United States in order to carry the “Made in the USA” label. “This is far stricter than federal law and unfair to companies who strive to make a product in the United States but cannot find domestic components,” the foundation notes on its website. The group says it is attempting to work with the state to change its labeling requirements.

The Los Angeles-based Made In The USA Foundation was co-founded by attorney, author and lobbyist Joel D. Joseph. Business memberships are limited to companies that manufacture and perform final assembly in the United States, according to the foundation’s website.


Posted by Mary Slepicka