Electric Quad Offers Silence

Publish Date: 
Feb 19, 2007
By Guido Ebert

THE SOUND A POWERSPORTS vehicle emits is an important factor to most riders, but sometimes upsetting to non-enthusiasts who enjoy their quiet (not to mention regulatory agencies). Specializing in electric-powered vehicles, QElectric LLC (Booth 8205) has an answer for folks who ride ATVs in sound-sensitive areas ? the nearly silent E400 electric quad.

Think electric vehicles are gutless?

Powered by a 48V, 50Ah battery and two 1000W motors, the single-gear E400 travels up to 25 mph, can climb a 30-degree slope, can roll over an 8-inch obstruction, and has a single-charge range of about 40 miles. Charging time is two to six hours; battery life exceeds 300 cycles. And, since the E400 has zero emissions, you can stop by the booth and take a test drive.

California-based QElectric says target markets include beaches, organic farms and law enforcement. The company is working with communities seeking to broaden the use of electric and hybrid transportation. Chula Vista, Calif. has already signed on to use the quad and New York city officials are reviewing the unit.

The E400 is expected to be available in June. QElectric anticipates production of 6,000 vehicles in the first year and 20,000 vehicles in the second year.