Electric scooter distributor opens for business

Publish Date: 
Aug 2, 2010


E-CYCLES, which describes itself as a multinational electric scooter maker, says it’s open for business after more than three years of research and development.

E-Cycles says its scooters require only a 120-volt outlet to charge. Each comes standard with lithium-ion batteries and battery management system. All are powered by 3,000- to 8,000-watt motors and have disc brakes. The company describes the motors as category-leading and the vehicles’ battery chargers as fast-pace.

E-Cycles claims its scooters cost less than 2 cents per mile to operate. Speeds range from 35 mph to 65-plus mph, depending on the model. The scooters are able to travel 45 miles to more than 100 miles on a single charge. They make as much as 137 Nm (101 ft.-lbs.) of torque and are capable of carrying 330 lbs. at speeds in excess of 65 mph, the company says. Charging times range from less than two hours to five hours.

"We concluded that today’s consumer is in need of a well-built, environmentally-friendly machine that's sturdy, reliable and dependable," Troy Scott, CEO of E-Cycles, stated in a press release. "This is what we are delivering."

E-Cycles USA is the North American assembly and distribution operations based in Phoenix. The company says it’s rapidly growing. It’s expanding its team to include territory sales managers and electric vehicle specialists. The company’s also seeking additional space to house a larger assembly operation and the 40-plus new employees that will be working there.

Scott Paullin is the executive VP of E-Cycles. "We're excited about bringing jobs and opportunities to the Phoenix area,” he says. “We believe Phoenix offers promise, support and a bright future for companies such as ours who are in the clean tech and alternative energy fields. We are truly excited about being here.”

Scott, an alternative energy entrepreneur, founded E-Cycles in 2007. The company says it has manufacturing, assembly and distribution operations around the world. Fifteen DOT-certified models are offered in a variety of colors with various options. MSRPs start at $1,999. E-Cycles says the scooters are sold only at authorized motorcycle, powersport and scooter dealerships throughout North America, the U.S. and Territories. Each comes with a money back guarantee, a full warranty (parts and labor), and lifetime technical support.

For more information, visit www.ecyclesusa.com or call 877-780-3606. E-Cycles tells Dealernews that the roughly 220 locations listed on the site's "Dealers" page are not necessarily cities with dealerships, but places the company hopes to establish dealerships.

Posted by Arlo Redwine