'English Don' Cornwallis joins Intensity Cycles in Indy

Publish Date: 
Oct 1, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Custom builder “English Don,” Cornwallis, 52, has joined the crew at Intensity Cycles in Indianapolis.

“Life is where it takes you. You can’t plan. If you plan your life too hard, you end up stuck in one spot,” he told the Indianapolis Star.

The British-born builder who made waves in the 1990s with bikes he built in New York joined the small shop run by his friends Kevin and Deb Alexander about a year ago. He reportedly plans to build  custom creations like his most famous ones, the Babylon Taxi and Slimy Limey.

Cornwallis built bikes and toured the country with his former business partner, Larry “Indian Larry” DeSmedt, who gained fame on reality television. DeSmedt died in 2004.

Cornwallis, who’s battling liver disease and nursing a few battle scars from hard-riding days, hopes to tour the country on his rebuilt Babylon Taxi II. “What I’d really like to do,” he said, “is put a sidecar on the bike, put my dog in it and get one last ride out there, before I’m too ill to ride anymore.”

Posted by Holly Wagner